The attitude and atmosphere of your company determines its synergy. Companies that invest in their employees have lower turnover, greater job satisfaction and stronger interpersonal relationships. A RIVER RANGERS™ leadership team will address teamwork, communication skills, conflict resolution and other issues relevant to your company’s success.

Each employee brings different strengths and experiences to your organization. A RIVER RANGERS™ Leadership Team will create a custom Wilderness Leadership Experience to ensure everyone is unified in terms of basic leadership and team building principles. As the tide rises, so your team rises together.

This is a six (6) mile float through beautiful Blackhand Gorge in Licking County, Ohio. A typical schedule starts with a safety orientation and continues with up to four (4) adventure based training modules, determined in advance by your leadership. Module concepts are discussed and customized to fit your program.

Ranger Motto: We believe people learn more, when they don’t realize they’re being taught.

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