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Summary of Services

Are there known hazards including debris fields in local waterways? Is there documentation of erosion or other issues effecting water quality, flood control or safety? Has the watershed management plan been reviewed and updated recently?

Whether you represent a responsible agency such as a DNR, Department of Agriculture, Soil and Water Conservation District or other such agency, or if you are a landowner, the River Rangers can provide scouting, reporting and management services for your unique situation.

Partnering with agencies and landowners, the River Rangers are able to scout waterways and provide custom reports. We work with you to identify issues and provide you the documentation you need to pursue grants or private funding to address everything from clearing a path to paddle, to stream bank stabilization. We can provide photos and video from the waterway, the land and even aerial perspectives.

As a nonprofit organization, the River Rangers can often provide in-kind services for match-grant requirements. We can even provide bids for larger projects. River Rangers can also provide ongoing scouting and reporting services to monitor waterways as part of a watershed management plan.

Scouting Services

  • Hazard Identification

    River Rangers has extensive experience and success in the identification of existing and potential watershed hazards. We understand the differences between nuisance and hazards that can impact flooding or water quality.

  • Water Flow Monitoring

    River Rangers are able to provide water flow monitors at specific locations to support additional data collection. We also provide water flow monitoring at specific known hazard areas to observe and report changes from weather events.

  • Flood Concerns

    Flood concerns affect low lying areas in both rural and urban environments. River Rangers are able to scout waterways affected by debris and identify specific issues which contribute to flooding.

  • Dangerous or Compromised Bridge Supports

    River Rangers are very aware that an ounce of prevention is better than a ton of repair. This is especially true when it comes to the safety of bridge supports. Every year bridges are compromised by debris. The result is an often unnecessary and highly inconvenient and expensive set of repairs or even a replacement. River Rangers are able to identify problem areas before they interrupt community transportation and limited funds.

  • Aerial Photography

    River Rangers can provide photos and videos from a variety of viewpoints including from the waterway, shoreline, underwater and aerial. We can provide several levels of resolution and perspectives for your specific needs.

Reporting Services

  • Standard Reports

    River Rangers standard reports include information about specific hazards and recommendations on how to address them. River Rangers extensive experience with waterway hazards has allowed us to develop a formal reporting process that will give you a full picture of how a hazard is impacting the waterway and solutions to address the hazard as needed.

  • GPS Location

    Once a hazard is identified, we are able to provide location information in your preferred coordinate system. River Rangers commonly provide location data in Decimal Degrees, DMS, Decimal Minutes, UTM and MGRS.

  • Size and Scale

    While many hazards are singular in nature, there are frequently situations where several hazards have made a debris field. Depending on each specific hazard, River Rangers are able to provide a comprehensive report that includes an analysis of the size and scale of the hazard(s).

  • Prioritization

    River Rangers understand that not every hazard is urgent. Some are more pressing than others and often, weather events can change which hazards should be addressed first. River Rangers can provide reporting that identifies the hazards in an explained priority order so your leadership can put their efforts toward addressing the most pressing concerns instead of having to debate what to do first.

  • Completion Reports

    For hazards that have been addressed, River Rangers are able to provide a follow up or completion reports for additional peace of mind. Our completion reports address the original hazard, the method of addressing the issue, the timeline from identification to completion, ongoing evaluation and monitoring and the effectiveness of the solution.

Management Services

  • Debris Removal

    River Rangers are able to clear blockages and provide safe passage for paddlers and water flow. Many projects, River Rangers are able to manage the project and provide a completion report.

  • Custom Bids

    River Rangers are able to provide bids to assist with meeting your grants or other funding process needs. Even if you choose not to engage our management services, we are happy to supply a bid so you can make the best choice for your waterway management.

  • Ongoing Scouting and Reporting

    River Rangers are able to provide ongoing scouting and reporting to coincide with your waterway management plan or to specifically monitor debris fields or other known hazards. Whether you have known issues, or you want to implement a monitoring and maintenance plan, River Rangers can provide you with longer term solutions.

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