River Rangers has many options to serve your waterway management needs

Scouting, Reporting, Management, Mediation

While not limited to only these options, River Rangers specializes in comprehensive scouting reports, waterway management, and regular reporting needs.


Most of our projects are initiated by local government. Many times it is impractical to have the local representatives visit the site. We can scout the project location and provide documentation and possible solutions.


Our comprehensive reporting gives detailed photos, videos, locations, and other vital data needed to develop a plan to address waterway issues. Reports can be used to secure funding or permits.


From securing necessary permits to carrying out the project, River Rangers are able to manage your waterway project. Our contacts with governing agencies allows for efficient compliance.

Scouting Services

Designed to provide actionable data for you. 

We will walk, float, or fly to your project location to get a comprehensive understanding of the size and scope of your project. Using our high quality cameras and video, including drones, we are able to see your project from every angle, allowing you to see your project from every angle as well. From identification of previously unknown hazards to observation of new erosion issues, our scouting reports will provide you with the information you need to tackle the next project. 

Reporting Services

Documentation for Decision Making

For many agencies, reports are needed to develop plans and to secure funding. Some reports are needed for reimbursement or to determine what sections of the waterway need to be addressed first. Our reporting methods allow for project specific data, while keeping in mind the long term plans and needs to properly manage a waterway. 

Management Services

Project Management and Oversight

River Rangers can provide full-service project management from start to finish, or simply choose which services you need, a la carte. From permit acquisition to regulatory compliance, we are able to support your every need in the waterway. 

In some cases, we can even assist with finding locations to repurpose debris for other projects in the area. 

Our Typical Process



Schedule a free consultation to review the specific needs for your project. We will scout your exact project location. 



We will provide a proposal to address all permitting, remediation, and other project specifics along with documentation of the project location, size and scope.



While not always needed, most projects require at least one permit. We can act as your authorized agent to secure the permits needed for the project.



Ensuring compliance with all permitting requirements, we can provide oversight of the project, or direct management through to the final report. 

Need A Free Consultation?

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