About Us

Nonprofit For a Reason

Since our founding, River Rangers International, Inc. had a big vision. To serve our communities by keeping waterways safe and clean. 

Paddle sports are growing in popularity faster than any other outdoor recreational activity. Every box store has basic gear that people can purchase and use to go have an adventure on the water. 

At the same time, management and maintenance of the waterways are nearly non-existent. Many governing bodies claim authority to restrict maintenance activity on the water, but almost none take responsibility to keep the water safe and free flowing. 

This has led to a growing number of casualties and fatalities on our public waterways. A perfect storm of easy access to low quality gear and equipment, combined with an increasing number of people looking to explore unfamiliar waterways, without proper training and experience. River Rangers has sought to change this.

We are driven to see waterways be managed with minimal impact to the natural environment, while increasing the water quality and natural habitat. Our focus on protecting the resources for all life separates us from a traditional contractor. 

Our Core Focus


Proper management of the natural debris in the water must take priority.


Teaching proper waterway skills is critical to a fun day on the water.


Once a waterway is safe and the people are trained, you are ready for adventure.

Our Mission

Keeping Waterways Safe and Clean for Paddlers and Outdoor Enthusiasts

Our Vision

To see natural debris in the waterways be repurposed and professionally managed as habitat and bank stabilization tools to enhance the natural beauty, biodiversity, health, and safety of our natural resources. 

Our Founder and CEO's Story